Best Electric Skateboards Review

An electric skateboard is an upgrade of the regular skateboard. An outstanding feature with it is that the board’s speed is controlled by a hand-held throttle and has a whole electric circuit lined up thus its name ‘electric’. These amazing and thrilling beasts made their debut back in the summer of 1975; Pretty old, right? If you’re the lazy type who doesn’t love putting that much of an effort into riding, these skateboards make it a less tedious and enjoyable experience and perfect choice for beginners.

Best Electric Skateboards Review

The market is full of products, and making the right choice can be a daunting task, that’s why we’ve done all the dirty work for you, figuratively. Below is a list of the best electric skateboards that the market has to offer. These are must have electric skateboards. They are worth checking out. 

Boosted 2nd Gen. Duo+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

Boosted skateboard made its debut on 26th may, 2017 and is proudly designed in USA, California. The 2nd generation of boosted now comes with a standard battery life able to last you up to a range of six miles or an extended range of 12 miles, giving you a range choice.

Boosted fits to be every skater’s starter pack and a number of features attribute to this; it weighs 15 pounds making it lightweight, can support up to 250lbs, is built for a day-day skating lifestyle and comes with a wireless remote-control system. If you thought that was it then you’re in for a rude shock. The board further has a speed of over 20mph (about 32km/h) and the braking system is amazing; the brake is really smooth and responsive and comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Charges fast
  • Comes with an extra traction tape
  • Has 2,000 watts of power


  • Has a small coverage range

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote controller

The 2nd generation of skatebolt skateboards offers nothing less of spectacular and is an upgrade of the first generation. Its design is better, that we have to agree, and it has taken a step further when it comes to ensuring that boarders have a cool skating experience. Skatebolt Electric Skateboard offers two modes of ride in terms of speed, the normal and sporty modes. The normal mode has a speed of up to 22km/h and an 18.6 miles/charge while the sporty mode can go to wild speed of 40km/h. You’ll be able to shift between these modes with ease.

Skatebolt should be every rider’s dream board. It is made up of an 8-layer maple which means that durability and power are well catered for. Furthermore, it can support a maximum weight of about 280lbs and makes use of the 53 mm PU wheels. These wheels are best known for their durability and high ability to resist heavy work load.


  • Dual motor with 500W each
  • Great acceleration
  • 36V lithium battery that can last up to 4 hours


  • A bit heavy hence tiresome to carry around
  • Its remote is made from a cheap and vulnerable material

Evolve Skateboards- Bamboo GTX Series Electric Skateboard

The GTX model brings to the table to notch performance, outstanding features and attributes that will allow the rider to climb steep hills. In case a bamboo GT and an Evolve Carbon were to be merged, Bamboo GTX would definitely be the hybrid of the entire situation. And yes, Bamboo GTX is that cool. The ‘X’ stands for extra.

The skateboard has an outrageous speed of nearly 42km/h and a massive battery capacity capable of 50km per charge. This new type of evolve skateboard is comfy and easy to use for any level boarder out there. It comes with four modes. First is the ‘slow mode’ which is convenient for beginners as it is more stable with low speed and the rider can easy control the board. Secondly, we have the ‘ECO mode’ which is suitable for intermediates. Next is the ‘fast mode’ for pros and in case you’re a sucker for adrenaline then you can easily switch to ‘GT mode’ because they’ve got you covered. With the GT mode, full speed and maximum acceleration are subjectively explored.

You don’t want to turn on ‘fast mode’ if you’re still a beginner, we have to warn you. With the high speed, things won’t end well for you. The board’s wireless remote is worth commending. It can provide real-time skating data such as distance covered, speed and board diagnostics. It’s good at off-road with a dual motor system of 1,500W each.


  • Has a top speed of 42km/h
  • 97mm wheels


  • The board is 18 pounds and that’s heavy

Swagtron Swagboard Spectra Advanced Electric Circuit Cruiser Skateboard

The spectra advance is a futuristic and a whole new generation of skateboards from China and comes with awesome specs and compatibilities. This board boasts of being the world’s first electric board to incorporate an in-built Artificial Intelligent system that can assist you to apply brakes, speed and also turn and an integrated 3D posture control unit. This takes the skating world to a whole new dimension. If that is not awesome for you, then we don’t know what is.

The board is capable of sustaining a 12.4 miles/charge and has a speed of up to 15.5 mph (25km/h). To have a full closure on the operations of your spectra advance board, you can download the cruiser board’s companion application, the Go App, on your android or iPhone.

With this board, decelerating as well as riding downhill works to an added advantage of recharging the board’s battery, a technological advancement that is unarguably impressive. Also, it comes with LED lights with different charging colors, from teal all the way to red as the battery fades away. The board comes with a weight capacity of up to 187lbs and provides for three different speed levels with an 88.8W battery.


  • Dual regenerative hub motors
  • Fast battery charging that takes only 90-120 minutes to full charge
  • Small and more compatible


  • It is not shipped with a remote controller
  • Auto brake feature is too sensitive


To this point, we can all agree that with the above boards, what you’re settling for is a blend of quality and impeccable boarding experience.  Every dime spent on these boards are worth it. One thing to remember is that it’s always wise to have a helmet on while skating regardless of your skill level. Things can really get sketchy and messy in a matter of seconds either on road with all the traffic and reckless drivers, off road with all those stones or just on the busy streets. Have fun and above all, stay safe!